Singapore’s Only Female Professional Kids Magician/ Juggler/ Entertainer to be on Business Times, Singapore

Today has been a very interesting and exciting day!! A reporter from Business Times, Singapore came down to the Mighty Magic Factory office for an interview with Kinetic Gal! (That’s me!!) It seems that no other kid’s entertainer has been featured before so it is quite a major event. It is also a major interview for me so I was a little nervous!

The reporter asked me quite some questions about how I got into magic and how I joined the new children’s entertainment company, Mighty Magic Factory. It was a great experience, and I had fun during the interview! In fact, I was all decked out in my full Kinetic Gal costume during the interview too, and I’m sure my colourful outfit will liven up Business Times for that day!

Have a sneak peak at the interview contents and what was going on during the interview!!


Here’s one of my favourite questions from the interview. The reporter asked me: “How is your experience so far?” and I replied: “It has been a whirlwind ride so far especially with Mighty Magic Factory – because there are so many skills such as new magic, juggling stunts and ventriloquist skills I picked up in producing the new show! And it is only going to get better with so many things in store – such as the micro magic convention for presenting magic to kids and the upcoming kids’ theatre production for charity in March.”

There are many more interesting questions that the reporter posed, but you will have to read the article when it’s published to find out!

After the interview, I also showed them some magic and juggling, which was a cool spongeball routine that is part of my kid’s show! The photographer who came along for the interview also took some fun shots of me with my puppet Crash, the Lab Rat for the article as well! 🙂

I’ll keep everyone posted when the article’s going to be out, so, stay tuned till then!

Kinetic Gal

Mighty Magic Factory’s only Female Superhero


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