Birthday Party Kids Magician, Juggler, Ventriloquist, Balloon Twister or Clown… Which to Choose?

We are often asked this question: “Which is the best type of entertainer for my child’s birthday party?” There are no right answers to that question. Consult your birthday child to help you along with your choice of professional entertainer, it is their special day after all! Find out if your child wants a magician, juggler, clown, ventriloquist or something else.

If sourcing the entertainer from the Internet, ensure the entertainer or entertainment company boasts a good track record and this will be reflected on their website, party rate sheet and whatever promotional material they can provide. Professional entertainers and birthday party companies will have professional websites. Avoid websites that do not have good credentials, have little or vague photographs and dubious copywriting. If you smell a rat, trust your instinct. Good quality professionals will also have a promotional video with live performance highlights of their shows or talents. This is the best way to judge the quality and appropriateness of the act.

Have your child sit with you to view photos or videos and let them choose who they want. (If they are too young, choose an entertainer based on what TV shows, cartoons or things that he/ she likes.) For e.g. one parent who was booking her party adventure with us highlighted that her child does not like puppets and shows which have a lot of talking. Her child enjoys action and motion. Thus, we recommended Kinetic Gal, whose juggling and magic acts with colourful props make her a perfect fit.

More often than not, kids like variety and audience participation in a show. And kids today are smart. They can tell when they are being ‘fooled’ into being entertained and when they are really entertained by a skilled performer.

Good luck! 🙂


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