Busy (and Exciting!!) Days Ahead for Singapore’s only Professional Female Kid’s Magic Juggler!

Hi all!!

It has been a busy month with the magic convention as well as loads of fun and exciting stuff going on at the same time. The convention was a success and I’m sure you have read all about it already! January was fun, busy and exciting and it will continue to be so for Febuary!

For Kinetic Gal (me!!) this is especially so, since Febuary is just around the corner. What’s so special about this month? Well, that’s when my exclusive interview with the Business Times, Singapore is slated to be out! I’m crossing my fingers though since I have heard that editors sometimes change the publishing dates of articles at the last minute. But, the last I heard, Febuary it is!! 😀

Besides that, I have a couple of birthday parties coming up too. I’m really excited about them since these parents specifically requested for Kinetic Gal! One of the parties is even a pink themed party – how cool is that!

There’s actually also another reason for my excitement – that is my new yoyo act! Yup, a totally brand new, cool yoyo act!

Here’s a peak at my new ‘weapon’!

Kinetic Gal’s Secret Weapon

This yoyo of mine is really different from the yoyos that you see normally, because my yoyo is a cool metal pink one! In my new act, you will see me perform some really cool effects and magic with my yoyo.

I have been training really hard and I’m extremely excited since I will be debuting the act in the upcoming birthday parties! As for what exactly I’m going to be doing with my yoyo, well… I can’t say more, because that will spoil all the surprise!

Well, I have to go back to my yoyo training… Do check out the Business Times, Singapore for my interview this coming month!

Kinetic Gal


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