Birthday Party: Magic and Juggling Show for the Little Ones

Recently, Kinetic Gal hosted a birthday party for a little girl who was just turning one. It was a great party! Even though the birthday girl was only one, there were also many children around and everyone was really excited to be able to see a magic and juggling show at the birthday party.

One Year Old!!
Children under the age of three tend to see and view things differently – which means that not all magic entertainment is suitable. We understand that, which is why we can tweak the show specially for the birthday kids who are under the age of 3! For these shows, we use loads of colours and movement, which the little ones love. The little girl whose party i hosted liked it too! She kept coming up to me after the show… Such a sweet and cute girl!! 🙂 She was also the star of my magic and juggling show when she helped me (along with a little help from her mum) to make magic happen!

Balloon animal

After the show, I gave out balloon animals to everyone (kids only!!) and the birthday girl got a special balloon. Then there was cake cutting (hosted by yours truly) before the cake was cut and shared! While the birthday girl was too young to know how to blow out the candle, her mum and dad, together with her older sister blew out her candle for her together. It was such a lovely moment!

Everyone was really happy at the party and it was great for me too! Whoever said that birthday party for little ones have to be boring? All you have to do is just remember to choose the appropriate birthday entertainment for your party! *grin*


2 thoughts on “Birthday Party: Magic and Juggling Show for the Little Ones

  1. thats nice… you made the little one’s day… i am sure she and other kids must have enjoyed a lot specially when they received balloon animals as party favors 🙂

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