Learn Juggling! It is a Great Hobby for Children in Singapore

Have you ever thought of having your child pick up juggling as a hobby? It is a great activity that exercises the child both physically and mentally.


Juggling, or more specifically, toss juggling is the tossing of two or more items in the air and keeping them there for a certain amount of time. The most common juggling items are balls, but the items can range from balls to rings, to anything that the professional juggler can handle. Mighty Magic Factory’s very own Kinetic Gal can juggle balls, rings, yoyos and clubs – even blindfolded!

Juggling has a long history, and is an especially good activity and hobby for hyperactive kids as well as kids with short attention spans. This is because juggling is a physical activity that requires concentration and focus. The initial stages of juggling will see kids dropping the balls(s) a lot. This is great as it develops perseverance and allows hyperactive kids to expend their energy. At the same time, juggling also requires effort and concentration, which helps the kids with short attention spans to learn to focus their mental energy and effort.

Besides being a physical activity, juggling is also a mental activity too. In most normal activities, the activities are mostly either prominently right-brain-centric or left-brain-centric. However, juggling has been proven scientifically to utilize both sides of the brain, which can help your child to utilize and maximize his/her brainpower! In fact, because of this, many creativity experts, like mind-mapping guru, Tony Buzan, introduce juggling as a great hobby for their course participants. In US, juggling is also one of the activities that can be found in some of their physical education modules!

Juggling also has an added advantage of being a cheap and fun hobby. Three good beanbags can last the beginner juggler for quite a long time! In fact, one need not even use beanbags. Simply take some old (but clean!!) socks, fill them up with some raw rice and sand, sew them up tightly and voila! You have your juggling balls (socks!). You can also buy juggling equipment (and instructional material) at affordable prices from Magic Boutique, Singapore’s No.1 Online Magic Shop! You can buy good quality balls or clubs that will stand up to wear and tear.

Juggling Clubs

Juggling can also offer hours of fun once the beginner has grasped the three ball cascade – which is the basics of juggling. Thereafter, the beginner juggler can start learning complex tricks and perhaps even come up with tricks of their own. In fact, kids can have fun teaming up with other friends to do fun passing juggling where they juggle and pass to each other at the same time. Not only do they have fun during the juggling sessions, they also learn to communicate and work with friends.

As a hobby, juggling is also a great stress reliever for kids. Kids nowadays have so much tremendous pressure from homework and tests. Juggling can offer as a stress relieve outlet, where energy is expended and at the same time, the mind is allowed to focus on juggling patterns and take a momentary rest from academics.

You can buy books or DVDs on juggling or also look for tutorials on the Internet. A basic 3-ball cascade can be learnt from multiple sources on the Web.

Learn Juggling DVD from Magic Boutique

Juggling allows kids (and adults too!) to have fun and relax while at the same time, learn patience and discipline! Plus, it is not an expensive hobby, so why not let your child try his/ her hand at juggling and have some fun today!


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