How Singapore’s Professional Female Magic Juggler Learnt to Juggle

Over the last weekend, Kinetic Gal hosted several parties for the birthday boys/ girls. Besides the children, the parents and adults at the parties watched and participated in the magic and juggling show and enjoyed themselves! (That’s right! Our shows are not just ‘for the children’, they are wholesome entertainment for the whole family in general, adults included, and it is so much more fun when everyone participates!)

During one of the birthday party, a parent came up to me after my show, telling me that her kid (a 2 year-old boy) really loved my yoyo act *grin* and asked me how and where I picked up juggling.

It is a long story how I picked up juggling, so I only told her a little, but if you’re interested:

Long long long time ago….. *yawns*

Okay, okay! Not that way! =p

Several years ago, I attended a mind-mapping course by mind-mapping guru Tony Buzan and was taught to juggle using some bean bags. While throwing three beanbags around in the air did not seem like an extremely interesting thing for me at first, I quickly got hooked to it. The challenge and the physical exertion kept me at it for quite a while and soon after i was juggling the normal 3 ball cascade. (Yay!!)

Juggling 1-2-3 by Henrik Lind
A few years later down the road, a book “Master Juggling” by Henrik Lind which I picked up at a bookshop rekindled my juggling interest leading me back to juggling again. Juggling supply was really hard to find back then though, and I had to juggle socks for practise!! In comparison, juggling supplies are so readily available nowadays even from magic shops like Magic Boutique! Anyway, I soon progressed beyond 3 ball cascade and started juggling various other props like rings and clubs too. Before i knew it, juggling became a core component of Kinetic Gal’s juggling and magic show!

And that’s the summarised story of how Kinetic Gal came to do juggling. You can pick up juggling too (even if you’re an adult!). Besides the various advantage juggling has for kids, it also helps with posture correction and is a great way to unwind and move around a bit after a long day of sitting at your desk!

I’ll be telling you more about juggling and how to start in later posts, so stay tuned! 🙂
Juggle, juggle, juggle!! 🙂  🙂

Kinetic Gal.


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