A Great Party Hosted in an Exclusive Club by Kinetic Gal!!

Kinetic Gal (yours truly!!) hosted a really fantastic party at an exclusive club at One Degree Fifteen Marina in Sentosa last Sunday!! The party was for a twelve year old girl and it was really cool because we had really nice party decorations for the party. We had a nice customised Mighty Magic Factory birthday banner for our birthday girl – with her name on it. AND, because she so loved the colour pink, we had loads and loads of pink helium balloons at the party venue. The place really looked pink and everyone loved the decorations! Not only did Mighty Magic Factory do up the decorations at the KTV Room (where the party adventure was held) we also did the decorations at the boathouse (the boat itself!!) where they had their barbeque – pink galore!! *grin*

Pink Galore! Cake Cutting

Look at the lovely pink balloons and customized banners we have for our birthday girl!!

Besides all the decorations, we also had a photographer on-hand to take lovely pictures for our birthday party! Our mascot, Wizo was a hit with the girls too, especially when he did a pretty cool jiggly dance at the party with the girls. Wizo also did some balloons and gave the balloon flower to the girls. We had a great and fun time taking photos and shaking hands with Wizo too. In case you don’t know, Wizo is actually our 7-feet tall magic genie mascot, and he’s always a great hit at any party – doing some magic or balloons!

Of course, the girls (an all girls party – how cool is that!!) also loved the party adventure! Everyone was wowed by the juggling and magic. Our birthday girl also did some fantastic magic that was the highlight of the show. And straight after the show, we had our power pledge where everyone got a really cool ID card from Mighty Magic Factory! Once the party adventure was over, the whole party proceeded to the boathouse led by my assistant with a whole big bunch of PINK balloons! It was a grand procession indeed! *grin*

The party was really fun and I had a great time hosting the party for the girls too!


Everyone loves the balloons Kinetic Gal’s giving out!!

Kinetic Gal


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