Choose the Right Party Entertainer for your Children’s Birthday Party!

Last weekend, Kinetic Gal (yours truly!!) did a couple of shows, one of which was at Pasir Ris and another at Ang Mo Kio Hub. The one at the Ang Mo Kio Hub was for Stabilo.

The kids truly had fun with colouring contests that were held and the shows performed by me. The winners of the colouring contest won great prizes that had Kinetic Gal wishing that she could join in too! 😛 Unfortunately though, it seems that Kinetic Gal is overage for the contest! 😦

By the way, if you didn’t already know, Mighty Magic Factory has been commisioned by Schwan Stabilo Singapore to produce school shows for 2008/2009 so do keep a lookout when we post more about it.

During one of my recent shows, a parent actually expressed concerns asking if we performed any ‘dangerous’ magic like stuff to do with swords and fire etc during our shows. Apparently, he had seen a magician performing these magic that he considered inappropriate for children and was concerned.

Fire Swords

Of course, I reassured him that I did not perform such magic during my show for the children. After the show, the parent told me that he was pretty surprised (and happy) to see the magic that was performed was really ‘for’ the children and that the children really enjoyed the show, so it was all great fun. 🙂

This really emphasizes the point that performing magic for children is not easy, because you do have to cater to the different age-groups of the children. Magic effects such as magic that involve rope tying around the body or swords and fires (used in the inappropriate context) are definitely not suitable for children who tend to mimic and imitate the adults. Who knows what may happen as a result of that!!

In fact, different age-groups of children think differently and it may even be wise to choose different entertainers for the different age groups. Some choices you could have: magicians, jugglers, ventriloquist or even entertainers who are skilled in more than one art form. These entertainers should be able to understand the children and have their shows customized to the age-group as appropriate.

To cut a long story short, remember that if you are hiring an entertainer for your birthday party, you should try to choose the right entertainer for your children to ensure that the show is appropriate and that everyone will be able to enjoy it!

In any case, Kinetic Gal is really glad that the children and adults enjoyed my show and I’m so happy that everyone had a great time! 😉

Kinetic Gal


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