How Discerning Parents in Singapore Choose Party Entertainers for Their Kids Birthdays

We received lovely e-mails from satisfied parents for birthday parties hosted this past week. We’re sure other party planners and entertainers get positive feedback from happy customers all the time too, but what made these comments particularly rewarding for us was WHY the parents were pleased with our parties.

The comments had nothing to do with how entertained the children were – because that to us is a ‘given’ for each and every show we do. And, we are sure, other entertainers can also do the primary job of entertaining the young ones at a party. But, the comments highlighted what set us apart from any other kids company in the country. Here’s one excerpt from the e-mail:

“I’m just writing to say thank you for hosting (boy’s name) birthday last Sunday. I’m so glad that I made the decision to choose Mighty Magic Factory. (Boy’s name) was so so happy that his mummy got a famous magician for his 7th birthday party…”

We thank you for writing in to us with those kind words – you know who you are! We are thrilled that we are the choice pick of discerning parents who are looking for young, dynamic individuals who can create an awesome experience for their child’s birthday.

I admit, we are not the cheapest in town BUT, we are not afraid or shy to admit that we do offer the best innovative value in Singapore to parents who want to hire a proven and professional party entertainer.

To find our more about our Party Packages, simply call our us direct at (65) 9421 1002 or check out the packages at my party package here.

Cya soon!


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