Guide to a DIY Magic Show for Your Kid

Here are some little tips for parents out there on how you can put up a magic show for your kid even if you are not a magician.

Step 1 – Learn Some Magic

Learning magic these days is not as hard as it before. There are numerous resources such as the internet, the library and even magic shops where you can take your first steps to becoming a conjurer. You can even pickup books from popular series such as Magic for Dummies or The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Magic.

Do not choose the tricks you like to perform, but the ones that you think will appeal most to your kid or kids in general. As you would probably won’t have as much time to rehearse as a full-time professional magician, choose effects that you can practice and perfect in a short time.

Step 2 – Structure Your Act

Pick about 4 really good tricks for your act, an opening trick, middle, a closer and a backup trick. Your backup trick can be saved as an encore, or used in case one of the other tricks fail.

Props can be bought seperately at a magic shop, as a whole set or you can even make some of them yourself.

Choose something bright or colourful for an opening effect that will catch the kid’s attention. Your middle effect can be something interactive that gets all the kids involved or it could be one with just 1 kid participant doing some magic with you. And of course save your best and most amazing effect for the grand finale.

Now you have to work out how to present your magic to the kids. Kids won’t sit and watch for too long if the magic isn’t interesting from the start so fill in as many bits of business, funny words or jokes as you can from the introduction of a trick to the execution and the finale.

Step 3 – Rehearse

Now its time to practice and perfect your act. Try out each trick on its own first. Work out the step by step mechanics of how to perform the effect. Practice in front of a mirror to see how you look when you perform and make any adjustments you need. Once you are comfortable, its time to practice without a mirror.

Now put all the acts together and practice it as a whole show. This is known as rehearsal. Treat your rehearsal like a real show. Perform as you would in front of the kids and imagine their reactions, even go through all your jokes and bits of business.

Lastly, if you are going to wear a costume during the act, rehearse in costume as well to make sure you can do everything right.

Step 4 – Perform

Once you have perfected your act there’s just a small matter of performing it in front of a real audience for the first time. Here are a few more tips on how to get by that first show.

Before the show, introduce yourself so the kids are more at ease with you. Be friendly with the kids and they will usually be friendly towards you. Getting them on your side is half the battle won.

During your act, prepare to be spontaneous and react to the kids. Allow the kids their opinion and let them have fun, but always maintain control of your situation.

Now just perform the rest of your act as you’ve rehearsed and everything should be a piece of cake. Have fun!


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