Tips On Choosing The Right Entertainer For Your Kid’s Party

Many parents have expressed concerns on what is an appropriate show for their kids. Having been in the birthday party industry for a few years now and seeing how different kids of different ages react, here are some tips on choosing the best entertainer for your kid’s party.


The first thing to keep in mind is the age of your birthday child. If your child is between 1- 3 years old, you may want to keep things simple. Children of this age are unpredictable and there is no fixed formula on choosing the right entertainer for these children. On the other hand, kids aged 9 -12 consider themselves all grown up and usually scoff at what they consider “kiddy” forms of entertainment.

But if your kid is between the ages of 4 – 8, then he/she is at an age where they are old enough to understand jokes and enjoy fun-filled interactive games or activities with lots of movement. This makes hiring an entertainer for kids in this age group easier and more worthwhile for all.

So what’s the best type of entertainer to choose for the different age groups? Well here are the three most common types commonly seen at parties:


Magicians are common choices as kid’s party entertainers. Kid’s magicians tend to perform bright and colourful magic such as producing a huge bouquet of flowers from an empty vase or making colourful handkerchiefs appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.

The 4 -8 year olds are generally the most appreciative and participative audience. 1 – 3 year olds are too young to really comprehend magic while the 9 – 12 year olds are more interested to find out how a trick is done than enjoy the show. This is not to say that these kids will not enjoy a magic show, but rather a good kid’s magician will have to tailor his show accordingly to suit children from these age groups.


Jugglers are fast becoming a popular entertainment choice at birthday parties. Their sublime juggling skills combined with entertaining routines make them a hit not just with the kids but the whole family.

Some jugglers also involve the audience in their routines, making the show audience participative and fun for the whole family. It is also not uncommon to see jugglers who combine elements of magic into their show as well.

As with magic shows, juggling shows require the audience to appreciate the skill that the performer is exhibiting. Younger children may not fully understand or realise a juggler’s skill while older kids may tend to get bored after a while seeing the same performer attempt to juggle different things. However a good performer will be able to make his routines entertaining enough and engaging enough to suit most kids of different ages.

Puppeteers/ Ventriloquists

Puppets add an extra dimension of fun to any party. Kids love to see a funny looking puppet animal telling stories and cracking jokes. Puppets also make the entire show look bigger as it appears that there is a cast of performers rather than just one performer doing the show. This is one of the main reasons ventriloquist shows are a hit at parties.

Younger kids will be captivated by brightly coloured talking puppets while older kids will be able to appreciate the jokes and interact with the puppets. A ventriloquism puppet show is something that can be a fun for the whole family.

So it really depends on which and what type of entertainers you would like for your kid’s party!


One thought on “Tips On Choosing The Right Entertainer For Your Kid’s Party

  1. Ive seen parents go way over the top in terms of creating a birthday party extravaganza… and spending tons of money in the process. While there are a myrid of places to take kids to avoid clean-up – that can hit the wallet pretty hard once you are all said and done. This year, I hired a clown and intend to serve hotdogs and birthday cake… simple but memorable. There are some great ideas here… ones i didnt even consider in my planning of entertaining ten – 3-year olds in my backyard this summer. Great tips for next year. Thanks !

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