Kinetic Gal’s Guide to Planning the Right Timing for Your Party Entertainment

May 1st – Labour Day, saw Kinetic Gal (me!!) hosting a party for Regan who had just turned 6. Regan is really a cute boy who loves dinosaurs and it was really great hosting the party for him! He and his friends had great fun (they thanked me!! :D) and his mother was very pleased with the party too. After the party, Angela (Regan’s Mom) thanked me for doing a great job and asked me whether the timing for the party was one of the latest that i had hosted. She reflected to me that she wasn’t sure what kind of timing was appropriate for the party.

Well, in actual fact, not just Angela, many parents face the difficulty of choosing the time for the entertainer/ party host to come in to do a show. Here are some guidelines as to how to plan the timing for the pary!


The timing for the entertainment depends on various stuff. You would have to consider the guests (age of the kids), the food to be provided (if you’re providing any), whether it is a school day the next day, the length of time of the entertainment and so on and so forth.

First and foremost, it is a no brainer that you should first decide whether you will be providing lunch or tea or dinner for the party. Deciding on this aspect gives you general timeframe to work within and plan accordingly. Assuming you have decided on providing a buffet dinner, the next thing you would want to ask yourself if you wish for your guest to have entertainment and cake-cutting before dinner or after dinner.

If you wish for the entertainment to be before your dinner, do remember to indicate on your invitation card that you have hired entertainment for the party before the dinner. This ensures that your guests will come in on time, and not miss the entertainment planned for them. It would be prudent to check the rough amount of time that the entertainment will be provided for so that your guests will not be starving before the entertainment is over.


If you were to wish for the entertainment to be provided after dinner, remember to indicate that on your invitation card as well. One particular point to note is that, if the average age of the children is younger, this may not be appropriate as they tend to need to sleep early. Also, if it happens to be a school day the next day, parents may not want to allow their kids to stay so late. In that case, it may be wiser to have the entertainment before dinner instead.

This would be more or less the same for lunch with the consideration that young kids tend to need an afternoon napp at around 3 in the afternoon and so, entertainment after lunch should try not to extend beyond that. For parties providing tea (ie. light refreshments only), you would have a higher flexibility of when to have the entertainment since the children (and guests) would most probably be good with both eating before and after the entertainment.

In fact, it is due to this reason that Mighty Magic Factory provides a fixed timing for our party adventures to be hosted at. We have the time slots of 9am/ 11am/ 1pm/ 3pm/ 5pm/ 7pm/ 9pm. These time slots have been given due considerations so you can have your food before/after the party adventure as according to your plan. Indeed having a good planning of the party ensures that you (plus your kid) and the guests would be able to enjoy yourselves to the fullest without starving or having to go off halfway during the show.

If you’re still not sure when you are planning your party, you could always call the party entertainment company and ask about the timings too. This would be of a help in planning the right time to ensure that you have a great party! 🙂


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