Tips on Making Your Child a Magician

Hi all,

The school holidays are almost here and kid’s nowadays have a myriad of ways to keep themselves occupied during their school holidays. They can watch a DVD movie, play a video game, surf the net or have some good ol’fashioned outdoor fun.

Well magic is definitely a fun for hobby for kids to have. Who knows? One of these kids may grow up to be the next big star in magic! Magic has its benefits too, it is not just about fooling friends, it also improves creative thinking and logical problem solving skills.

So if you would like to encourage your child to take up magic as a hobby, then here are a few tips to get him/her started in the world of conjuring arts:

Show Your Child a Trick

Every magician fell in love with the art when they saw a trick being performed to them “live” for the first time. Show your kid a simple trick like making a coin vanish and reappear to see how interested they are in magic. If your kid wants to see more or is really interested in trying to find out how you did the trick so that he/she can do it too, then you know your kid really likes magic.

Buy Your Child Some Magic Props

A quick way to start out your kid with magic is to get him/her their first magic set. These can be bought at most good toy stores or from magic shops. Kids usually prefer a hands on approach to learning, so while there are numerous books on learning magic, I recommend that you allow your kid’s first experiences to be with props in hand, learning to make things appear and disappear.

Alternatively, you can buy them one trick at a time. This will allow them to practice and perfect each individual trick before moving on to something new. You can also guide your child along by rewarding their perfection of each trick by getting them a new trick. This also prevents their interest from waning too quickly as they will always look forward to learning something new.

Give Your Kid a Chance to Perform

Every budding magician needs a chance to perform their magic. If your kid is constantly hounding you to watch his/her latest trick, do give them the time to show you. It is after all, something hat they’ve worked hard on.

You can also set a date for your child’s first performance so that he/she has something to look forward to. It could be at the next family gathering or Christmas party and you can tell your kid to prepare a short ten minute performance.  However, do not give your child too much stress. He/she may be shy or lack confidence in his/her performance skill.  You should give your child encouragement and help them prepare for their big performance. Once in awhile, you should even act as an audience for your child to practice performing for.

Hopefully these tips will prove helpful to those of you who are looking to keep your kids occupied with a healthy and alternative hobby this coming June holidays.


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