Kinetic Gal Hosts a Great Party for Six Year Old Birthday Girl in a Private Estate in Singapore!

Kinetic Gal hosted an action packed adventure for a spunky gal who turned six today in a private house function room. Lauren, our birthday gal today was really excited for her party and everyone had great fun. Her mum took into considerations the party environment and had two function rooms booked rather than one. This was great, because the children were able to enjoy the party in one room, while the food was served in a separate one.

Lauren’s parents had some basic decorations for her party done in the function room which made the function room great.

Balloons are really a great addition to any party and as you can see, they add a lot to the party atmosphere. If you are organizing a party you can do some basic party decorations of your own too (see an article on budget decorations here) or get the party experts in for decorations. 😀

I did a little briefing for the parents about the party and how it would flow before we started the shows and games proper. 🙂

Birthday girl Lauren having her white Mighty Magic Factory birthday cap before we begin the adventure!

The Juggling Show!!

The highlight of the Juggling Show: One and Only – Blindfold Club Juggling!!

Games and Prizes : The Kids’ Favourite!

Kids having fun shouting and screaming: “The rabbit is there!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mighty Magic Factory “Super-Duper-Mighty-Crazy” Power ID Card!

Birthday Cake Cutting and giving out of Party Bags before our Mighty Magic Factory’s Signature Balloon Bomb Ending!!

I was really glad the children had fun throughout the party and Lauren’s parents thanked me after for a job well done. Well, all in a day’s work!

Kinetic Gal


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