Further Juggling Tips from Kinetic Gal

A while ago (which is really quite a few months back), I wrote an article about juggling, and how to start juggling. Now, I will write about some tips about getting a consistent cascade for your juggling. Many a times, I see people who can juggle the normal 3 balls cascade, but, are unable to maintain a good cascade.

Here are some little tips for the problems most people face when learning juggling. 🙂

Problem 1: My (Juggling) Balls are running away from me!!

This is one of the most frequent and easily rectified errors. Most times, when juggling, the ball tends to move in front. For beginners, this mean that you will be running all over the room. The way to iron this out is really simple – juggle in front of a wall! A few bruised knuckles and practice sessions later, you will find that your juggling balls will have much less tendency to ‘run away’.

Problem 2: I get a stiff and sore neck after juggling!!!

This really shouldn’t be a case, because personally, I have found that juggling improves posture. It is really not possible to juggle with a hunchback, so juggling actually improves posture for people who tend to hunch like me. But, there might be a possibility that you are actually putting yourself in a very tense position when juggling. Try to relax your shoulders and juggle standing naturally.

Another possibility is that you are throwing your juggling balls too high. Throwing them too high means that you are continuously looking upwards and this can result in a stiff neck. When juggling, try to practise consistent throws where the balls do not ‘fly’ past your eye level. This can help you achieve a better consistent cascade.

Problem 3: My throws are wild and my cascade doesn’t last for long!!

This usually means one thing. You need to get back to basic to learn to throw consistently AND you need a more thing: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and more PRACTICE!!!

Well, that’s it for the little tips to get to a good consistent 3 ball cascade! Now, it’s time for practice!! 🙂

K Gal


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