Walkaround Juggling for the Birthday Party!

On Saturday, I did some walkaround juggling as a warm-up for a birthday party! Besides me, there was also a face painter and a bouncy castle for the kids to play!

The face painter did a great job and the kids were just clamouring to get their face painted and be transformed to Batman, Spiderman, and so many more! (Superman, was, unfortunately, not among the superhero face painted, as the character did not wear any mask.)

The kids also liked the walkaround juggling! Quite some of them gathered around me to see my ball and ring juggling. In fact, this was one of the few sessions I brought along my plate spinning stuff as well, and the kids loved it. I got them to hold on to the plate spinning sticks and it made for an impressive photo! We just had to be careful with some of the smaller toddlers, making sure that they didn’t drop the plates on themselves accidentally.

The kids enjoyed themselves with the before-the-show activities and these are just some of which Mighty Magic Factory offers. Just like what was written before, mixing and matching the party can allow the party to have great before the show fun and allow the kids to enjoy the party even more. so why not consider having a face-painter, walkaround juggler or magician at your next party too! 😀

~K Gal


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