Kinetic Gal’s Guide to A Dance/ Music Themed Party!!

Are your kids totally enthralled by ‘High School Musical’? Do they love dance and music? Well, most kids usually do, and with the High School Musical (The Ice Tour) coming to Singapore, your kids will definitely love it if his/her upcoming birthday party is a music/dance theme party.

How then do we ensure a fun music/dance theme party? Here are some tips from Kinetic Gal, specially for you.

Invitations and Costumes

First and foremost, for the party, try to decide if it should be a generic music/dance party or if you want it to be specifically (for example) a ‘High School Musical’ Party. Having decided on that, you can then send out the invitations and invite the friends and relatives to come for the party dressed up accordingly. ‘High School Musical’ invitation cards are also easily found in most stores that sell party items so you can get that if you wish. If it is a ‘High School Musical’ Party, you can also have all the invited kids come in cheerleader or basketball player costumes. Alternatively, have them come in dance related costumes like ballerina costumes and such.

Door gifts and Party Bags

For a music/dance themed party, a great door gift could be pom-poms for the girls and dance batons for the guys. Alternatively, you can have microphone key chains and keychain ballerinas as doorgifts. For party bags, it would be extremely easy to get High School Musical related party bags. These stationeries are widely available in stores. If you want, you can buy different items separately and package them as party bags.


Pre-party entertainment for a music/dance party is actually extremely wide in selection. If you happen to have a karaoke system set, that would be great for the kids as well. You would however, need an adult to ensure that there’s someone who can control the songs for the kids. Some may squabble over who takes the mic, and if that happens, switch to a mass sing-along instead.

Another great idea if you happen to have the Playstation is to actually borrow the Dance Dance Revolution game from someone. Have it set up for play in the hall and give out ‘result sheets’ to the kids. They can take turn to play the game and the person with the highest score wins a prize at the end of the party!

Of course, this being the dance/music party, you could simply choose an easier way (less things to oversee!!) out by just playing the High School Musical DVD on your TV as a preshow and warm-up entertainment. Kids love repetition (if they like the item) so even if most of them have seen it before, they would still love to see it again.

Besides the party magician/juggler/ventriloquist that you can hire for the party, consider also having a music band for the party. You can source for the bands from junior colleges and universities. Most of these have a decent standard and are still pretty affordable.


For games, you can have ask the entertainer whom you have hired (if you decide to)to have music/dance related games. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can have games such as guess the song, or musical chairs/statues. For musical chairs, children tend to rush and in the process often get injured. To avoid that, you can switch to having coloured pieces of paper on the ground. Instead of ‘fighting’ for the seats, have them stand on the piece of paper when the music stops. By virtue of ending being standing still on the paper, injuries can be cut to a minimal. Of course, do not forget to have a prize for the winners of each game and the best-dressed person.

As always, these can be organized by yourself or if you wish, you can also get a professional party entertainment company to work out the details for you. You could get a company that has lots of customization available, just like Mighty Magic Factory, so that your party will pertain to the liking of your child. It is afterall, your child’s birthday party and the most important thing is for everyone there (and the birthday kid) to have fun!!

~K Gal


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