Kinetic Gal’s Original Ideas for a Fun and Exciting Cartoon Themed Party!!

Cartoon is the ONE universal thing that all kids have watched, be it the ‘older’ Mickey Mouse, to the Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers, Ben10, so on and so forth! Thus, if your kids love cartoons, why not have a cartoon themed party for his or her birthday? Here are some ideas for the various aspects of the party for a cartoon theme from Kinetic Gal, yours truly. 🙂


Invitations are simple enough! There are so many party shops with cartoon characters printed invitations. If you want to save trouble, these are your best bets! Simply head down to the party supplies store and check with them if they have your kid’s favourite cartoon character invitation cards in stock. If you want to make the cards yourself, you can also do that! One simple way is to buy stickers of your kid’s favourite cartoon character. You can then print out generic invitations and stick the stickers on the cards. Of course, you can get your kid involved by letting him/her help out with the invitation cards as well.

If this is a dress up party, remember to write in your invitation cards that everyone is invited to come dressed up as their favourite cartoon characters. Adults can be part of it too! Simply state in your cards to request parents to come dressed up as well – it will be great fun for all the kids to see their parents in costume too. To make it more fun, let everyone know that there will be a competition for the person who looks most alike to the cartoon character he/she is dressing up as!


Balloons, posters and utensils are great for decorations! Cartoon themed printed aluminium balloons are the most easily found and there should be no problems finding those. Another great thing about these balloons is that you can simply give out the balloons after the party! You’d be hard-pressed to find even one kid who doesn’t want one! You can also find printed utensils with the relevant cartoon in party supplies store easily too. These naturally act as decorations if they are laid out nicely on the table.

Games and entertainment

For games, you can have say ‘Robin Hood Archery Contest’ using toy bow and arrows. Simply have different game stations set up according to different cartoon themes. It could be the ‘Flintstone Bowling Lane’, “Transformer – Build a car station” and so on and so forth. You can also have a pre-party entertainment for early kids, playing different cartoons! Put your creativity to use and let it all flow! Of course, as mentioned before, remember to have a most look-alike (to the cartoon character) competition for the children who did take the efforts to dress up! As for entertainment, you can look for licensed cartoon characters. However, that can be very expensive and if so, you might then want to consider entertainers who play cartoon-like characters like Kinetic Gal! Also, you can look for entertainers who can offer customizable shows and games, just like in Mighty Magic Factory, to tweak to the cartoon theme, if they aren’t already so. 🙂

Last of all, remember that the party is always to have fun, so stay cool, go with the flow and have fun with the cartoon theme!


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