Kinetic Gal’s Original Wacky Ideas on Organising a Magic Themed Party!!

How to Organise a Magic themed Party

With the recent craze of Harry Potter series, it is little surprise that some children would like their birthday party to be magic themed. Some ideas you can draw from for a magic theme party includes shows like: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and also, magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine, Criss Angel and so forth.

To organize a great magic themed party, there are many elements to take care of. The various elements include: Invitational cards, door gifts, party decoration and entertainment. It sounds like quite a lot isn’t it? Fret not; here are some tips to organizing a great magic themed party for you!

Invitational Cards

For invitational cards, you can let your creativity get to work to make some magic-themed cards! Why use the old dreary cards that you can buy outside, when you can make yours, specially themed, together with your child? Get your child to join in the fun by allowing him/her to make the cards together. Remember the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter? Well, you can make your invitation cards like these simply by making your cards in a scroll form. Crumple the paper (parchment!) beforehand and then scorch the sides to make it look like a scroll, before writing your invitation.

You can also make a ‘magic’ invitation card that will only show its magic words when heated. Cut out the paper in different shapes and write your invitation in lemon ink! The invitation will only appear when it is heated up – but do remember to include instructions on how to read your magic invitation!

Magic = stars and moon! Hence, for your invitation, you can also use potato prints to print on your invitation cards before writing your invitations. Simply cut your potato (uncooked!) to the shape you want (Star or moon) and using poster colours, print the shapes on your invitation cards.

Remember to include all relevant details in your invitation cards and state explicitly if you wish your child’s friend to come in magic costumes so they can all join in the fun of costume dressing!

Door Gifts

Fantastic door gifts you can gift to the friends of your child attending the party include anything that is magic themed! Anything that would go well with the costumes is a good idea for door gifts. For example, you can have wands, Harry Potter spectacles, scar tattoo (on the forehead!) wizard hats and so on. You can choose to buy the door gifts or make them yourself. They do not have to be very difficult – Harry Potter Spectacles can be made from pipe cleaners, wizards hats from paper cones (just stick some stars and moons on the hat!) and so on.

You can also have a mini-magic set that teaches the children some simple magic tricks for door gifts. Alternatively, you do not need to give a magic set each, but various simple effects and tricks for the children. You can also ask your local magic shop for ideas and recommendations! These magic shops (physical or online) should be able to offer bulk discount too, so you can get fantastic door gifts without spending too much money and effort.

Party Decorations

Party decorations set the mood and surroundings for the party, and so is exceptionally important for ANY themed party – magic themed party included! Balloons are something that all children love, and, they are the ‘generic’ decorations so you can use them for the magic themed party decorations too. Simply request that the balloons be colour themed to the theme of your party. For magic theme, gold, black and silver balloons would be great colours for your party!

Magic is always associated with playing cards so why not use playing cards for decorations too? Normal poker sized playing cards can be stuck on the backs of the chair (Ace of Spade for the birthday child of course!!) and the children can also have fun choosing the ‘card-chair’ they wish to sit on. In fact these cards can double up for lucky draw too. You can prepare another deck before hand to draw the lucky winner – he/she must be sitting at the chair with the same card! For the surrounding decorations, you can buy Jumbo Poker Cards (available in magic stores) to stick on the wall. These cards are huge in size and make a good decoration.

Instead of the usual streamers, you can make gold star shapes from gold colour pipe cleaners. Simply string them up using some rafia string and hang them up wherever you wish. You may also wish to create mood lighting using candles. However, since fire is quite a hazard – especially when there are children around, you can use electric fire lamps instead. Flickering light gives the venue a semi-spooky and mysterious feel, much like the wizarding world. And of course! If the magic theme is leaned towards the wizarding world, feel free to stand a few brooms labeled Nimbus 2000 around in your venue and so on!


Simple entertainment that would fit the bill for the magic party includes: the best dressed wizard/ magician/ witch competition and broom racing and even, a magic competition! You can write in your invitation cards before hand that each child should come for the party with a magic trick (simple one) prepared. Have a half-an-hour competition where each child comes up to perform a simple effect. The best magician wins a prize!

Of course, since you are holding a magic themed party, what more suitable entertainment could there be than hiring a magician for your party? In fact, if your party includes the adults, you can even hire close-up and walk-around magicians to let everyone (adults included) enjoy the magic up close and personal. You can let the children experience the magic show and even request the magician to make your child the magic star of the show!

OR simply, you can look for a quality party entertainment company like Mighty Magic Factory which will be able to customize the magic show and games provided to your theme!


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