Kinetic Gal Performs at The Science Centre!!

Last Friday saw Kinetic Gal going to the Science Centre… not for a science outing/trip, but for a show for Family Day for Tuas Marine Base, a part of Singapore Armed Forces. The family day was held at the science centre and despite the HOT sweltering weather and limited space, i had a pretty good show! 🙂 I was really worried that the people would ‘escape the heat’ and retreat to the science centre from the auditorium, but as it turns out, I had a pretty captive audience!

To be honest, the area was really crammed since they had buffet lines and people sitting really near! Of course though, Kinetic Gal loves challenges! I had the buffet line closed before the show and it acted as a barricade to stop people from walking up behind me during the show. The kids and adults were seated in front of me in a semi circle at the auditorium.

Recently, I have also a new addition of magic in the show items.. Besides my regular stuff, I also have new Linking Rings Routine! Check it out! In fact, I’m working on a new routine that is going to go into my show later on as well, and it is a linking ring routine (where metal rings link and unlink) very different from the normal one that you see, so keep a lookout for that!

In actual fact, yesterday’s show was also all the more fun with my little volunteer.. I had the boy running up to me, requesting to be my helper and i agreed. I had a little hard time picking him out in the end though, because he had a twin brother! That was really quite fun!

My show ended with my signature club juggling segment and I was really glad everyone enjoyed the show! There will be more event shows from Mighty Magic Factory coming up in July so stay tuned till then! 😀



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