Kinetic Gal Has Got New Juggling Rings to Play With!!

That’s right!! Kinetic Gal has got a new juggling arsenal of rings! If you have seen me before, you would have seen my opening juggling ring and magic segment! πŸ˜€ This segment is really a warming up for the show and all the time, I have just GREAT response for it! All along though, i have been using my standard coloured rings – the red, blue, yellow rings but that is going to change!!

I have just received my new set of juggling rings that i bought and this time round, they are SUPER COOL! They are actually of bright flourescent colours! In fact, they are UV reactive as well! So if there is a black light for me, i can do a glow ring juggling segment!

Check it out!! My lovely beauties!! πŸ˜€

Kinetic Gal’s Arsenal of Rings!! πŸ˜€

These rings are not only of lovely colours! They are also really interesting… I don’t really want to say too much right now, but i can promise you, the new addition of the rings are going to bring the juggling experience to a different level too!

I can’t wait to perform with the new rings and see the response for the segment. I can so totally foresee this juggling rings segment is going to be another one of Kinetic Gal’s highlight of the show with the ‘marrying’ of juggling with magic!

As you can see, entertainers from Mighty Magic Factory never ever stinge on buying new stuff for our shows. We are always looking for newer and better things that we can bring to our various respective shows (hence the ever evolving show items of our shows). This is just so that we continually improve on our show and repeat customers can get different contents to choose from!

I really can’t wait to get down to playing with my awesome new rings and, in just a bit.. you should be seeing the newer revised (and confirmed to be) better juggling ring opener segment very very soon!


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