Kinetic Gal’s Suggestions for a Circus Themed Birthday Party!

Circus themed party can be an extremely fun party for kids who belong to the more hyperactive type as well as those who are interested in circus arts, so why not plan a circus themed party for your kid whose birthday party is just round the corner.

Dressing up for the Occasion

Since it is a circus themed party, why not have everyone invited to dress up as different characters that one can find in a circus? Have everyone invited to dress up for the party and have your child dressed up as the ring master (since he/she is the birthday child)! This will definitely add to the atmosphere of the party. To make it fun, it would be nice to have free gifts of clown nose to all who arrives. This can double up as a doo gift too.


For decorations, thinking along the line of circuses, it would be really cool if you have enough space to create a circus tent like tentage. It may not be exactly circus tent, but it could be something along the lines of round seating, or partial round seating with a center stage. Put in colourful balloons, pseudo-real posters of performers (make up some funny ones with your birthday kid’s photo, or even your own photos) all around the tentage for a real circus, carnival-like atmosphere!

Party Bags

For a circus themed party, consider having party bags with face painting kits, or small finger animal puppets. Hats that are juggler or clown-like are also hot favorites! Also, consider putting some light sticks in the bag for the kids to have some fun with some glow-in-the dark action at night too.

Games and Entertainment

For games, there could be a face painting competition (or you could have a real face painter at the party) and best dressed competition. You can have an Animal’s Charade (charade but only with animals you find in circuses), Monkey Hear Monkey Do (actually a tweaked version of Simon Says) and even the traditional Pin the Donkey’s Tail. You could rent a candy floss machine too for the day, and that would really add to the atmosphere. As for entertainment, you can always look for jugglers, clowns or even contortionists! However, do note that while clowns are a standard at circuses, some young kids are in fact, scared of clowns, so jugglers who can do magic (actually, just like yours truly :P) would be a great option.

Whatever it is, just remember, the birthday party is a great way for the kid to have fun (and for you too) so the best thing is to enjoy the whole process and have fun planning the party!


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