Kinetic Gal’s Timeline Guide to Organising a Birthday Party!

Many a times, Mighty Magic Factory receives calls from parents just days away from the party, asking if we would be available to host the parties. Often, we would be unable to do so, simply due to the tight time line and also, because, most times, our entertainers would have been fully booked by then.

This disappointment however, could have been fully avoided simply by planning your party in advance. 🙂 Not only does this save you from the last minute flurry of calls in desperation, but it also makes the planning a lot easier and fun to do. So what exactly should the timing be like to organize your party? Let yours truly, Kinetic Gal, give you an idea with a brief timeline! 🙂

The Party Organization Timeline!

2 months before: Start searching for a suitable party entertainer/ party host

1.5 months before: Settle on party entertainer/ party host + decorations + preliminary date for party

1 month before: Confirm party date and look for food caterer (if you’re having food catering)

3 weeks before:  Send out party invites

2 weeks before: RSVP invitations and confirm caterer (and party bags if it is not included in entertainment package)

1 week before: Look for birthday cake and order in advance

2 days before: RSVP invitations again and prepare snacks etc

PARTY TIME!! Enjoy yourselves!

1 day after: Relax and give yourself a huge pat on the back for a party briilliantly planned

[Optional 😛] 1 week after: Start thinking of a new theme for your next party!! 

That really, is a recommended timeline in brief. Of course, you could also, simply just give a call to a professional party entertainment company (like us!) to settle the food, decorations and party bags for you, leaving you the easy and simple organization for party invites and cake!

Whatever it is, remember to plan in advance so you will have ample time to look around for the best and not be too tired out by the whole process… Afterall, the point to having a party is to relax and have fun! 😀


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