Kinetic Gal’s Brief Guide to Balloon Decorations!

Kids are always fascinated by balloons. They are fascinated by the colours, and the fact that balloons float (though some do not!). As it is, not just kids love balloons! Kinetic Gal (moi!) love balloons too! And today, I will be writing about some tips to which kind of balloons to use for your party!

Types of balloons that one can use for decoration ranges from the most basic 10″/18″ round balloons, to various shaped balloons and aluminium foil balloons and so on and so forth! Most times, the round balloons are mixed with a mixture of a few foil balloons (for the backdrop with happy birthday wordings). 260 balloons are mostly used for balloon sculpturing so if you want to have loads of balloons for the kids to take and play with, that kind of balloon would be suitable.

Sometimes, you have little kids and toddlers at the party, and they would want balloons too. If that is the case, prepare several foil balloons that can be easily blown up but will not burst nor deflate easily. These balloons are easily available at party supply stores and are a great safe balloons for the young kids.

For some very basic balloon decorations, helium balloons are the best. If you are looking at doing the balloon decorations yourself, you do not really need to crack your head over where to find helium balloons. Locally, if you need just a small bunch of helium balloons, spotlight at Plaza Singapura actually sells the helium tubs you need for blowing up helium balloons. If you really wish to do the balloon decorations yourself, mixing some helium balloons with non-helium ones would be the most cost-effective and still, impressive decorations you can have!

For decorations with non-helium balloons, ribbons and strings would be your best friend! Get creative with the ribbons and make full use of low pillars, vents etc from the ceiling! Tying ribbons across and using these ribbons to hang the balloons actually gives the illusion of floating balloons. Hang your balloons at curtains, pillars, doors etc! Sometimes, you may want also, to use double sided tape instead of ribbons, but do be careful of the walls and wallpaper as they sometimes leave marks.

As with most decorations and party games, one of the most important thing to the decorations would be creativity! You are only limited by your creativity! So unleash your creativity, have fun designing the decorations (with your child even, if you wish!)! But of course, if you find all of that a hassle, your best solution would be to find a professional party outfit like Mighty Magic Factory who can help you with your party decorations, entertainment and even food if necessary all at one go!


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