Ideas to Plan and Organize a Science Themed Party

Studies may be boring to some but definitely not all kids find science boring! In fact, if your kids like science, planning a science themed party may be a great idea. Science themed party can be a great hoot and fun to plan too! Kinetic Gal (moi!) is a science student myself, so here are just some quirky and fun ideas from yours truly for a wacky science party!


For invitations, you can use some lemon juice on paper. It is afterall a science principle that you are using for the invitations! It can be pretty cool for the kids to try to get the words of the invitation only after heating the invitations. If you think that heating of the invitation may be dangerous (adult supervision is advised!) another thing to consider is the writing of the invitation in ultraviolet ink. Send the invitations together with the ultraviolet pen (and light included) and let the kids have fun with the UV pen as well! Of course, remember to specify in the invitation that it is a science themed party and remind everyone to come in their best crazy scientist costume!


For a science themed party, hanging up decorations would be difficult to theme to science. However, it is possible to make the place a lot more ‘science-lab’ like with crazy meters hanging around. One of the more fun things to do for a science theme party would be the cups and plates for food. Instead of regular cups and plates, have some plastic conical flask with a nice capillary tube (straw!!) for drinks! Use petri-dish like plates (or even test tubes!) for your jellies and agars! Some of these items can be found in novelty stores and can be fun to have.

(Picture from Wikimedia Commons)


For science themed entertainment, we can have some fun science ‘experiments’. Have a goo-making competition! Much like how Harry Potter does his brewery of his magic potions, the children attending the party can have ‘science potion classes’. How to conduct this ‘science competition’ is really up to you! If you’re fretting because you have no idea how and what to use, simply do a quick search online and you will find a lot of resources with regards to this! Of course, even though it is a science themed party, not all entertainment must be so ‘experiment’ oriented. Remember the science fiction novel Frankenstein? For the party, have a competition with some materials provided for the kids (split into groups) to come up with a best looking Frankenstein! A costume competition is always a hit with the kids, and this is just a little twist on the traditional dress-up competition!

Besides this of course, you can hire an entertainer who can customize his/her show to the science theme. Just like in Mighty Magic Factory, we can have customized shows to science themes if requested!

Whatever it is, have fun with the science theme party and let your creativity juices flow!! 🙂


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