Some Ideas and Suggestion on Party Location

Where are some of the places to hold a good birthday party? Sometimes, parents do come up to us after shows, asking about some suggestions, so here we have some suggestions from the wacky mind of Kinetic Gal! (Don’t worry though, the suggestions are very much sane! :D) Here i have four suggestions that you can consider, with the pros and cos listed, as well as some things to look out for. The list is not comprehensive and only list basic birthday party locations.

1. Home! If your house is big enough, why not consider having it there and then in your home?

Pros: Easy for arrangement and of course, it is a familiar environment!

Cons: Cleaning up may not be that easy!

Things to note: Do try to figure out in advance where the food, entertainment and games area should be. As far as possible, they should be separate so that kids won’t be knocking into adults holding food and etc..

2. Function Room (either of your estate, or a rellative/friends’ estate)

Pros: Relatively big area to work with, rates are cheap and you get a good nice area to set up.

Cons: Time restrictive and again, you do have to pack up the area!

Things to note: Nothing much really, unless the rooms are near to houses, then you might want to note that you will have to control your noise level! 🙂

3. Restaurants

Pros: You get food in one area, and there’s no need to clean up!

Cons: Not much entertainment going on for the kids! You also have to ensure restaturant has a stage if you wish to hire an entertainer or no one would be able to see anything!

Things to note: More suitable for older kids. Younger kids appreciate havng space to run around, restaurant setting may be just a tad too restrained. Look also for a more family oriented restaurants! They are more likely to be able to accede to your requests and things that you need.

** Certain restaurants (like Hard Rock Cafe) actually has a separate room that may be able to be booked for birthday parties. If so, these are actually ideal as they have a less formal setting, and more likely then not, a space that is specially catered for the entertainers!

4. Country Clubs

Pros: Good, family centred clubs are great in this aspect! Most people do expect parties to be going on and kids are allowed quite a free run around the area as long as no one knocks into stuff. Most of stage (or staging can be provided) so you can be assured that the entertainers have got a good spot to perform. You can arrange for club in-house restaurants as well and sometimes you can have packages for these events. Plan it well and it can be even fair-like and a hot talking point amongst your little kids’ friends for weeks.

Cons: Higher end clubs can be pretty expensive!

Things to note: Include instructions and maps in your invites! Some clubs are not that accessible and not everyone know how to reach the place! Also, if it is a high end club, you might want to include dressing information as these clubs will be stricter. You do not want unhappy friends who are turned away due to attiring problems!

5. Chalets

Pros: Fantastic for kids with huge number of friends, and good activities to keep the kids occupied all day long!Throw in a BBQ which everyone loves and it will definitely be a memorable birthday party!

Cons: Extremely hard to arrange for space for entertainer to work!

Things to note: Chalets are mostly in the further out regions, so you might expect lower attendance! Otherwise, there might be more kids leaving early and you should be prepared that many kids will be in and out of the place and you may not be able to track everyone. This might be of a concern if kids are still young. Recommended more for kids ages 10 and above.

There are of course some othger places still, that include: Kid’s gymn, swimming pool (take note for this… Safety is a huge consideration!), theme parks, zoos, gardens, beaches (again, take note of safety concerns) and many more! But really, if you’re lost and trying to plac for a birthday party, why not give a good and qualified kid’s party entertainment company (like Mighty Magic Factory!) a call and speak to the persons over the phone. They will more likely than not, be able to give you some suggestions according to the birthday party that you are planning for! 😀


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