Birthday Party Treats Ideas

In general, what are some birthday party treats one can prepare for a great birthday party? Let Kinetic Gal share some of her ideas with you!

– Sweets and candies

One of the most simple and easiest to prepare birthday treats for the kids. This is a high hit on the list of party treats as kids simply love candy (admit it, even adults love chocolates and candies too!). It is one of the most easy to purchase. This makes it a pretty common party treat, but if some effort is put into searching for the candies, it can be a good party treat too!

– Party blowers and mask

Fun stuff to have for the kids: it definitely lets the kids bring up the party atmosphere! One thing to note though, while the kids may be really having fun with things like whistles, it might be prudent to have them distributed only after shows (if there are shows planned) as they might be noisy, posing a challenge to your entertainer from entertaining the kids with his best at his show.

– Little puzzles

Kids love challenges! Having little puzzles for birthday treats let the little tots and the older ones put their mind to work and have some fun time trying to figure out the puzzles. In fact, make use of the treats for games too, and have a competition of solving the puzzles in the shortest time possible during your party!

– Tattoos and Stickers

Of course, tattoos here refers to the temporary tattoos that you can find in many novelty shops nowadays. Depending on your party theme, you can have scary real looking tattoos, pixie tattoos, cartoon tattoos, so on and so far! Stickers are also an alternative that you can consider!

These are of course, just some of the few treats that you can have! Next week, I’ll post more of the different treats and prizes that one can get that are great for birthday parties. šŸ™‚


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