Birthday Pinatas

Pinatas seem to be one of the most loved item/activity for a birthday party. Kids just simply love to have a go at the pinata and try to have a chance to get the most from the mystery ‘gifts’ within the pinata!

For those who don’t know:

A piñata is a brightly-colored paper container filled with candy and/or toys. It is generally suspended on a rope from a tree branch or ceiling and is used during celebrations.    ~Wikipedia

Generally, kids take turns with a stick of some form to hit the pinata open so they can get to the prizes within.

Nowadays, besides the normal traditional pinata, we have balloon pinatas and various sorts of pinatas available. In fact, at Mighty Magic Factory, we have a very creative, one-and-only self-created pinata known as our Balloon Bomb! Over past experiences with pinatas, we found several problems with the traditional pinatas:

  1. Traditional pinatas are hung up – a problem for parties with varied age group.
  2. Requires use of stick – accidents do occur sometimes.
  3. Sometimes, the birthday kid is unhappy that he/she doesn’t get the pinata broken.

As for balloon pinatas:

  1. Birthday kid is scared of being close to the exploding balloon pinata.
  2. Sharp stick required to burst the pinata – highly dangerous when it comes to kids rushing to get prizes.
  3. Birthday kid is too young.

So, with all that in mind, plus we wanted to give the kids a different experience, balloon bomb was created! Now, you get a balloon pinata that kids love, minus the danger. All the kid does is actually detonate the balloon bomb from a safe distance (party host determines from experience how near or far we should bring the ‘bomb’ away from the birthday kid) simply by pressing a button with guidance from our birthday host!

Thus far, the kids love our balloon bomb! In fact, Balloon Bomb is only included in our Action Packed Adventures and up, but it is available as an add on and many parents have taken that option too! Check out our party Add-ons here if you’re interested!

While all that is said, some people may prefer the traditional pinata still, stay tuned… Kinetic Gal will teach you a simple and easy way of making a balloon pinata in the next post! Till then!



2 thoughts on “Birthday Pinatas

  1. I tried to click on your link about Balloon Bomb and there is nothing there. I suggest if you wish to be effective you upgrade your website to be accurate.

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