Kinetic Gal Teaches You the Do-It-Yourself Traditional Pinata!!

Previously, Kinetic Gal (yours truly) wrote about pinatas, and well, in this post, I’ll be writing about one simple and fun way which you can try to make your own traditional pinata together with your kid! Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

  • Balloon (+pump)
  • Treats and prizes (non-easily meltable)
  • Newspaper
  • Starch
  • Water


  1. Stuff prizes into the balloon, one by one. (Be careful!)
  2. Blow up the balloon carefully, without jiggling the balloon too much – sweets packaging have sharp edges, you do not want the balloons bursting. *Pump is recommended as balloons occasionally burst and can pose a hazard if you’re blowing it by mouth*
  3. When it has reached a suitable size, tie it up.
  4. Mix starch and water in a bowl. Make sure it is starchy enough – just like glue.
  5. tear newspaper in strips and soak them in the starch water.
  6. Paste newspaper strips on balloon until sufficiently thick – around 3 to 5 layers. Leave the balloon end (where you blow up the balloon) sticking out. This end is needed later on to suspend the pinata.
  7. Set aside to dry fully.
  8. Stick a needle in the balloon end to burst the balloon and pull out the balloon bits.
  9. Start decorating your pinata by painting on the newspaper!
  10. Set to dry – TADAH!!!

To suspend the pinata, first tie a length of ribbon to the middle of the ice-cream stick. Slip the ice-cream stick vertically into the pinata through the hole. Once it is in, it should lie horizontally and thus will not come out from the inside easily. Tie the ribbon to the ceiling and you’re done! 🙂

Now all you’re left with is to get a bat (be careful!), clear the ancient flower vases out of the way and wait for pinata time!


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