Kinetic Gal shares on: Birthday Supplies – Where to Get ‘Em?

Sometimes parents love to organize the birthday parties themselves, but do not know where to get their birthday supplies like party bags, treats and so on. Fret not – Kinetic Gal here will give you some tips as to where to get your birthday party supplies!

Depending on what you’re planning to give away to the kids attending the party, sometimes, the best place to go may actually be the bookshop! Bookshops nowadays sell more than just books (in fact, bookshops are really a misnomer!) and are good places to get things for party packs. Depending on your budget, you can get stationary sets that are from Disney and various companies. The sets also vary in price, so you can set a price range for getting the packs. If you’re in Singapore, you may just want to pop by your nearest Popular Bookstore!

For the more ‘upmarket’ party packs, consider heading to the nearest departmental stores to check out the party section. Departmental stores nowadays do sell pretty good party related stuff at reasonably okay pricing. The party stuff from departmental stores are generally more recent and with more varied items. Hot favorites like packs from ‘High School Musical’ are available too – but at a much higher price! Locals can consider taking a walk around the party section in stores like OG.

For the more ‘budget’ party packs, consider going to your nearest neighbourhood wholesale party supplies store. These stores will have all your birthday supplies and handpacked party supplies. Sometimes buying in bulk allows for some discounts (and haggling is allowed, well, just a little). These are great for party items and are most times, one-stop shops, by virtue of them being wholesales. 🙂 For locals, do try shops around Chinatown and your neighbourhood. From our experiences, most neighbourhood will have one or two wholesale party suppliers.

Of course, the simplest way to have great party packs/ supplies is to task the party event company to do it for you. Just like how you can have party packs ordered from Mighty Magic Factory which makes it a real easy and efficient way to get your quality party stuff!


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