Performing Magic for Birthday Parties!

Sometimes, it is not uncommon when we have some parents telling us that his/her kid (birthday child) loves magic, so, they would like to do some magic during their own birthday parties. This could be something rather fun and something to be explored by the parents. In actual fact, for the birthday kid to have a mini-show before the actual magician/ entertainer could be a pretty fun thing to have!

How then to prepare and help the birthday child?

The most simple and easiest way could actually be, to buy a simple magic set for the kid! You may not be aware, but nowadays, there are extremely nice magic sets that are designed specially for kids who want to perform magic during small family events, like birthday parties! These sets are a great idea, since they would mostly have something easy to learn and big enough for everyone to see!

For example, Scholastic has a great magic kit, called the party magickit!

Another way of doing it, could be simply to call up your entertainer and explain that your kid would like to perform magic. Most end high party entertainers would be able to customize their magic shows to cater specifically so that YOUR child becomes the magician of the party!

Hopefully, these little tips from yours truly, Kinetic Gal, will add something to your birthday party! 🙂


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