Kinetic Gal’s Guide to Budget Party for Budget Times!

There has been a recent change in the economics and we know that many of us are trying to strap down on our pockets. This however, does not mean that you will have to sacrifice your kid’s birthday party! Afterall, your kid’s birthday party is once a year! How then to plan on a good budget party for your child? Let Kinetic Gal give you some tips on having the best party with a tight budget! 😀


For the venue of the party, instead of hosting the parties at clubs or restaurants consider hosting the party at your own house! Assuming that you have 25-30 kids for the party, a normal 4 -5 room flat hall area is actually big enough to host the party! Instead of having different activities on-going at the same time at different areas, plan the party to have a good flow, with things happening only at the hall area. Plan some ‘sit-down’ activities and games (like Bingo), as opposed to the ‘run-around’ games like treasure hunt. Entertainment shows can come in after the games, so that the same area is used again. Alternatively, look for function rooms in community clubs as they are mostly cheaper and located conveniently.


Instead of hiring decorators, do a DIY of the decorations. The one thing that parties MUST have is balloons, so make sure there are plenty of balloons! With DIY decorations, all you have to do is to let your creativity flow. Make use of bright coloured paper, streamers and multi-coloured stuff! Even the choice of plates and straws can double up as decorations!


For your budget party, instead of the normal full meal for the party, you might want to consider the following:
1. Cooking your own food
2. Catering finger food instead of the full meal
3. Having a ‘junk food party’ instead of the normal meal party
4. Potluck
5. Catering options from your neighbourhood stalls

All of these options ensure that you have still, a good range of food, without needing to spend a bomb on them. Also, you might want to consider baking your own cake while allowing the kids to let their creativity run by decorating the cakes. This not only saves on the cake but can also be something really special and fun for the birthday kid!


For entertainment on a budget, try to plan games like pin the donkey’s tail where the games can be played by the whole group of kids all together. Consider giving out some sweets and chocolates as prizes instead of party treats. For magic shows, choose a package wisely. For example, in Mighty Magic Factory, we have various party adventures, ranging from basic to mighty adventure. In this event, you might want to choose the basic adventure which has a basic show and balloons for all the kids. This would ensure that it does not blow a big hole in your pocket, and yet, the kids will still have a good whole lot of fun!

The above are some tips from Kinetic Gal for the planning of a budget party. Remember you do not have to blow a big hole in your pocket to plan a party if you know how to look and search wisely! 😀 Have fun planning the budget party!


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