Kinetic Gal’s Wacky and Original Ideas on Having a Pirate Themed Party!

Pirates are recurring characters in many of the children’s fairy tales that we often see. From the famous Captain Hook in Peter Pan, to the lass fairy-tale like Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, we see them all the time. Having a pirate themed occasion is not something rare, so why not have a pirate themed for your kids’ birthday party too?


It being a pirates party, there are a few ‘compulsory’ decorations of course! First and foremost, the pirates’ flag! You can either DIY the flag, or buy it off the shelf. Pirate flags can be self made with the simplest of ease. All you have to do is simply to find a skull and bones insignia from the internet and print it out. Get some white cloth and a black flag-sized cloth. Using the printout as a template cut out the white cloth to the skull and bone shape and have it pinned on the black flag! There you have it – a pirate’s flag. Cardboard treasure chest, either self made, or bought make fantastic decorations too. Thick swathing ropes and plain white clothes draped in the appropriate manner can make the venue look like the giant deck of a old ship with sails.


It being a pirate themed party, there’s no more appropriate treats than the good old chocolate coins! A good old bunch of chocolate coins and candies make great treats. You can have them in skull and bones packing (think bandana in a creative fashion!) or little paper treasure chests. Other ideas include also, the pirate’s eye eyepatches, hook hand, and even pirate hats!


No pirate party is complete ever, without the most-awaited treasure hunt! The hunt can be conducted in your party venue (within the hall/room itself) or within your estate! Instead of the normal written clues, you can use photographs as clues too! Depending on the age of the attending kids, it can be a direct treasure hunt, or one that makes the kids think a lot more. Also, do consider if the kids should be split into groups so that an adult can accompany the kids accordingly. Of course, the treasure should be for the winning kid, and treats along the way can be placed to allow the kids to have more fun in the process.

Balloon sculptures can be a huge source of fun for the kids as well. Since this is a pirate themed party, invite a balloon expert who can make loads of pirates’ sword and parrots for the kids! The balloon swords can be great fun for the kids, since they will be able to have some harmless sword fights! In fact, why not organize a pirate fightout with the balloons. Have the kids wear balloon pirate hats, and arm them each with a pirate balloon sword. The kid who can knock off the balloon hat of his/her opponent wins!

Other entertainment include self-making of the eye-patches and hook hand (think plastic cups and aluminium foil!). The best dressed pirate competition. You can also have some temporary pirate tattoos and stickers for the kids. Also, invite an entertainer who can fit in the theme for the party to jest up the entertainment.

Those are just some wacky ideas of the head from yours truly for the pirates theme party! Till the next time, ho dee dum!!!!!!


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