Christmas Party Cheatsheet

Just a little Christmas Party Cheatsheet from yours truly to help you with your upcoming christmas party!

7 days before Christmas

Check your entertainer and food provider – there is still time at this point to call up a entertainer provider and look for an entertainer. It is of course, good to double check that the food will be ready on the day.

6 days before Christmas

Call up your friends to RSVP and make sure that you know the number of people attending the party. At this time in point, it should be near enough to the day to know if they are attending the party.

5 days before Christmas

Double check with your decorations provider to ensure that your decorations are to be in place.

4 days before Christmas

Check that you have your prizes and treats.

3 days before Christmas

Ensure the venue is good and ready for the party! πŸ™‚ Call and confirm with your venue provider! Christmas season tends to see a huge spike in bookings so it is best to confirm. Of course, if you’re using your own house, a little packing may then be in due! =p

2 days before Christmas

Set up your Christmas tree (if it hasn’t already been set up!) and do a little run through of the presents stacked below. You definitely do not want anyone to be missing their Christmas present!

1 day before Christmas

Pick up any food and last minute items that needs to be brought to the party venue. Put your candy sticks up finally, if you decide to have them. πŸ™‚ Putting them up by now should be safe – not too early, for they are sweets afterall!


Make sure everything is in place, sit back, relax, wait for your party guests and enjoy the party!


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