Kinetic Gal Hosts a Tiny Little Adventure at Siew Mei Green!

Today, Kinetic Gal hosted a tiny little adventure at Yew Mei Green for one year old Seow Teng. šŸ™‚ She’a a really cute little girl and even though she was only one years old, she sat through some parts of the show and seemed to like it too! Unfortunately, I did not manage to have any photos taken as i was pretty pressed for time!

Its been quite a bit since i’ve performed, especially since i have been overseas for a while. So i really close the year with this party at Yew Mei Green, and i was very glad that everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot, adults and children alike! Bernice, Seow Teng’s older sister, helped out with a piece of magic and was very much tickled by my magic wands! Her friends seemed to like me a lot too, pestering me for more magic after the show! *grin*

The kids had great fun during the show and i had great fun performing too! As a little extra, I hosted their pinata game for them, and even though the kids had great fun whacking the lion (or some of them tickling the lion =p ), i had to help with the finale of tearing the lion apart (oops, violence!) and pouring out the goodies for the kids!

It was a great finale to the year of performing for 2008! It’s been great and I hope to see more of you in 2009! šŸ˜€


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