Weekend is Near!

The weekend is near and I’m really looking forward to the weekend! I (aka Kinetic Gal) will be hosting a party on Saturday and from what I heard, the kids seem to be really EXCITED to see my juggling and magic show!

If you didn’t know, Kinetic Gal is the ONLY female entertainer in Singapore with the unique one-and-only juggling and magic show! Yes, that is correct, there is no other female entertainer doing this in Singapore. Indeed, finding a female magician, or a female juggler is extremely rare – what to say a female magician cum juggler! =p In the magic and juggling show, Kinetic Gal does juggling infused with magic, not just separate shows of magic and juggling!

In fact, I’m looking at getting new beautiful clubs for the show too! Usually, Kinetic Gal uses three very brightly coloured clubs for her party shows for the younger kids, but I’m going to be getting new ‘cooler’ looking clubs for the older kids and event shows!

Clubs that Caught Kinetic Gals Eyes!

Clubs that Caught Kinetic Gal's Eyes!

There is also going to be a new set of costume for Kinetic Gal too! Interested to know more?;) Stay tuned!


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