Kinetic Gal Rehearses!

Unlike what some people actually think, loads of hard work go into every show and every party that entertainers host. Kinetic Gal is no exception and this is what you would find Kinetic Gal doing on her ‘off-days’.

Rehearsal Time

Rehearsal Time!!

Yup, it’s rehearsal time and you can see Kinetic Gal’s barang barang (Malay for things) lying around the showcase! Loads of props and stuff that surprisingly still fits in my showcase as small as it looks!

Sound system and Balloon stuff!

Sound system and Balloon stuff!

Kinetic Gal brings her own self-contained sound system for all her parties so there’s no fear of ‘dead-time’ during the party! Lots of music, lots of laughter! And of course, how could there be no balloons for the party! I practise whenever I’m free to make different animal balloons for the kids.


A little green Bear for you? 🙂

Alritey, time to prep for the party coming up! After hours of rehearsals, it’s time to rest so I can keep up with the boundless energy kids seem to have during parties! LOL!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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