Kinetic Gal Hosts a Birthday Party for Ayesha in Joo Chiat!

Today, Kinetic Gal hosted a party for 7 year old Ayesha at Joo Chiat! The party was held in her house and from afar, we could see balloons up in the air! The sweet birthday girl was dressed in fairy costumes and even had fairy wings on her! This time round, i unfortunately do not have any pictures as i was handling the show alone. 🙂

Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings

Ayesha’s birthday cake was really special as it wasn’t one BIG cake. Rather, she had many many cupcakes on a 3 tier level and it looked really nice. The cake was baked by her mother and i thought that it was a fantastic idea! If you’re thinking of organising a party, this is one idea to explore too, as it saves the trouble of cutting and giving out the cake. Also, the kids love it as they get to choose which cake they wanted with the icing pattern they liked; and it makes for easy giving away to the guests as well after the whole party!

Picture from as i did not have the chance to take photos of the beautiful cake!
Picture from as i did not have the chance to take photos of the beautiful cake!

No one at the party was aware of it, but I actually wasn’t feeling too well… BUT! This is something I have learnt from my most respected mentors before… called professionalism! Yes, no matter what, the show must go on and the standard must never be compromised. I’m really glad because I did do just that – the show went well and the kids were enjoying themselves! I simply love the smiles and laughter from children (and adults!). In fact, Ayesha’s grandmother came to thank me for the show after the party and insisted on me having some food after! (Thanks so much!)

Happy 7th Birthday Ayesha!


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