Birthday Parties over the weekend for Julian and Tricia!

Kinetic Gal hosted some parties this weekend with one for a one-year old boy turning two years old and another for a little girl turning four! The little boy, Julian was really REALLY cute! (and shy!) His parents had seen me performing before and got me for his two years old party! The family look really really sweet together, and even though I had no camera man for the party, i managed to snap a shot of the family taking photo.

Aww.. Sweet moment!

All together now: Aww.. Sweet moment!

Julian had a really cute hairstyle for the day too, with his little cockeroo-like standing hair! In fact, the hairstyle reminded me of J C! =p

The function room was very tastefully decorated, even though it wasn’t too elaborate…

Simple decorations for Cake Cutting backdrop.

Simple decorations for Cake Cutting backdrop.

Balloon tower!

Balloon tower!

It really made my day when one of the ladies attending the party thanked me and said that the show was very entertaining. Woohoo! 😀

Tricia’s mum, Rose got yours truly to host her little girl’s birthday party as well just a few hours ago! 😉 She was just telling me that she was extremely surprised to find a GIRL performing and hosting parties. Indeed, Kinetic Gal is Singapore’s only Magic Juggler! We had a little conversation before the party started and she was just telling me that she was really happy to find me for her little girl’s party because she just found it apt that a girl should be hosting the party for her little girl’s birthday! 🙂 I hosted a BIGGER package party for Tricia which included a games segment as well and was really glad everyone enjoyed themselves! *GRIN*

Just before ending the day, I went to the shops to grab a little something for my juggling rings. Instead of the plain old rings, now this is the ‘new’ rings that the children are going to see!

'New' Rings!

'New' Rings!

Yup, I’m always on the lookout for new things and improvements to be made to my show! Previously, I had always found the rings a little plain – and it just isn’t apparent when the rings are spinning! Now with this little addition, i think the rings look a lot ‘cool-er’ and have just that bit more of character! What do you think? 😉

In fact, Kinetic Gal’s going to have a new set of clubs in a few days! And i’m dying to play with the new clubs too!

Till then!


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