Organising a Birthday Party – Tips on Party Bags in Singapore!

Ever since I’ve started hosting parties, I’ve had many parents asking me where to get party bags for their little angels’ birthday party. Well, being a birthday party host, i have of course done much research myself. There are many kinds of party bags and it really depends on your budget and what you want!
Here are some of the kind of party packs that you can have:
1. Stationary Packs

Strawberry shortcake Party Package

Ben-10! A HUGE favourite!

Ben-10! A HUGE favourite!

Barbie Set - close up

Barbie Set - close up

These are usually the favourites as the children will be able to use them and they come as Ben-10 packaged etc, which are the favourites of the children! Also the children can make use of the stationary in the pack and are thus hot favourites with the parents as well. These packs can range from S$3.50 each to up to S$10 per pack. Depending on your budget and what you like, you can buy these easily from departmental stores like OG and Popular Bookstores.

2. Party packs from Party Supplies store

These party packs are self-packed and you’d have to buy them from the stores yourself. These packs are usually cheaper and include party goodies like little tidbits and little games or bouncy balls. These are hot favourites as well, since children love them and parents get to mix-n-match the items that is wanted inside. 🙂 In Singapore, you can approach any party supplies store to get the party bags (if you buy in bulk, there might be discounts too). Usually the storeowner would be able to recommend what you can get within your budget. You can find the party stores in places like Victoria Wholesale Centre.

3. Party Bags from Online Suppliers

Take a look around on the world of the internet as well! There are also online suppliers who can take care of all the party packs that you need and have them sent to your house whenever there’s a party. These stores usually have a WIDE array of party bags that can cater to your needs!

4. Assemble Your Own Party Bags!

I have also come to know of parents who assemble their own party bags! These parties are usually themed and they love to get party bags accordingly! For example, anyone who is having a magic themed party could have little magic props ordered in from online stores (eg. Magic Boutique) to assemble a nice little party bag gift for the little tods coming for the party!

Well, i hope this helps in the your party planning and have fun organising and planning the party!


2 thoughts on “Organising a Birthday Party – Tips on Party Bags in Singapore!

  1. Packaging is everthing when it comes to party bags. By placing party bag items on the centre of a sheet of tissue paper. Push the centre of the tissue paper into a gift bag. The edges of the tissue paper need to be left showing over the top of the party bag (all colour matching). Makes the party bags look really smart.

  2. Hi there,
    I really need to buy Ben10 birthday supplies for my 5 years old son who is so crazy about ben10. Please let me know where to buy them here in Singapore. Thanks so much!!!

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