Budget – How to Save while Planning for Party!

Here are just 3 simple tips for you from Kinetic Gal myself about how to save while planning for party! As we all know, the economy right now is not doing that well! However, you do not have to burn a huge hole in your pocket for a birthday party. In fact, I have been noticing new trends in the parties which are great ideas for planning parties without busting budget!

1. Plan a birthday party for your kids together – if kids birthday are near. Or share with a friend.

It is not unusual to find kids in the same family sharing almost the same birthdays. In fact, many a times, i have hosted parties for brothers and sisters whose birthdays are just days apart. Recently, i too hosted a party for a father and daughter whose birthday were exactly on the same day! (And the grandpa too, apparently!) Why not then, host the party all together. You save on venue and food costs! Alternatively if your kid’s best friend’s birthday falls near to each other, consider having a party together!

2. Plan a party cum special occasion all together

This too, is similar to point 1! If your kid does not happen to share birthdays/ have birthdays near each other, try to plan so that the birthday is together with a occasion that you normally organize a gathering for already! That makes it easier for you, and keeps things simple!

3. Keep the theme, but DIY and look for a more budget entertainer

Instead of getting a themed party, or getting the party planner to plan the full theme, why not do the theme yourself? I have just hosted a party for 3 year old Zi Ning and she had nice decorations hanging in her house! In fact, the family was very creative, for the princess had princess themed plates strung up and hung on the pillars! They look wonderful and are very cheap to do!

Look at the plates in the background!

Look at the plates in the background!


I will be writing soon about another fantastic party planning website that I have just discovered, thanks to a very nice parent! I think the upcoming parties are going to be AWESOME! (There’s quite a few themed parties that i’m going to be hosting come next month!) Woots! In the meantime, it’s TGIF, so have a great fantabulous weekend ahead!


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