Cool and Awesome Party Planning Website You can Use too!

Thanks to a parent who was using this particular planning site for her party, I’ve found an awesome website with lots of party information! Most of all, it contains party checklists, and also an EXTREMELY useful tool – e-invites! That’s right! Afterall, in the age of the present, where everything goes much faster with internet and websites, e-invites might just be the way to go!

In fact, Kinetic Gal received the invite too (after being hired for the party! LOL!) and i found it a cool, simple and direct way of sending invitations!

Have a look:

My e-invite to Emmy's hot pink party!

My e-invite to Emmy's hot pink party!

It has an awesome function of collating for you the replies and who’s coming or not! This is really good in helping you to organise the party!

What exactly is the website then? Well here you go:

Hopefully this makes your party organisation a lot easier and makes it all the more a blast to organize! Thanks to Melanie who sent me the e-invite, leading me to this fantastic party-aid site!


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