Kinetic Gal Can’t Wait for Hannah Montana The Movie to be OUT!

Hannah Montana The Movie is going to open in the cinemas on the 18th of June! The hit series from Walt Disney Channel gets into a feature movie! I myself can’t wait to catch the movie in the theatres when it opens. Due to the popularity of Walt Disney Channel series like High School Musical, to Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls, many kids, girls especially, just LOVE it when their birthday parties have themes from these series.

Knowing how much kids just love these series, I have, since the start of this year really started incorporating the feel of many of such series in the party – from party songs to games! And, possibly, just because of that, I have had increase of request from parents for parties! In all my parties, I have a very much Hanna Montana kind of feel for my on-stage persona. Girls really just love it and take to me easily – afterall, we can relate much better… It is exactly what the old credit card advertisement says – The men don’t get it! 😉

The games segment has really undergone a revolution in terms of music! Expect much more updated music from Walt Disney’s Playhouse Disney (think Tigger, Handy Manny etc) to Niklodeon (Spongebob Squarepants), to Disney Channel (High School Muscial), to Warner Bros (Teen Titans) and so many more!

Just last week too, i had an email from a parent delighted to find me online – because she was looking for a female magician for her daughter. That’s right, Kinetic Gal is Singapore’s ONLY female magic juggler, so you won’t be able to find anyone else. 😛

Just for fun, here’s my top 3 favourite songs from some of the TV series:

  • Who Said – Hannah Montana
  • Scream – High School Musical 3
  • We’re All in This Together – High School Musical 1

Even the kids are surprised when i sing along to the songs when I’m at the parties! Hahaha!


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