Glowing Testimonials from Parents – Thank you!!

Kinetic Gal has been hosting a lot of parties for girls aged 5-10 recently and has gotten excellent feedback from the parents. =)

Here’s what Ping-Shin had to say of the party:

Many thanks for hosting Yee Ming’s 5th B’day Party and the marvelous show.

We’ve had fantastic compliments from almost all the parents, friends, and even from my parents!  One parent remarked that you were able to gel with the kids (perhaps due to the natural female instincts), which might not happen with other male counterparts in the industry. My observation was that all the kids and parents left the party with smiley faces & compliments on KG’s show  : )

Will definitely recommend you to my friends. As I’ll be sending a “thank you e-mail”, I’ll include the link to your website as well.

Thank you Ping-shin!

Also from Estair’s mum, Indrani, for whom I hosted the party on just last Sunday, this is what she had to say:

At the end of my eight year old daughter Estair’s party, all the mothers were asking: “Where did you find her?” And all the kids, almost 30 of them, were so energized clapping and laughing.

I remember looking for someone with something special to make Estair’s birthday party fun. Trouble was, all our kids had seen and done so much, almost “jaded” at such a young age as far as party stuff was concerned. Then i saw Kinetic Gal on the net. Singapore’s only woman juggler/magician/fun maker for parties? Nice. Am always happy to see women come into their own, a most important message also to our girls. So i checked out your website and press releases carefully, liked what i saw and took the plunge. Most glad i did. “Kinetic Gal” was all that the name promises. It was a pleasure to have you, Estair and her friends loved the act, thank you. All the best and i personally enjoyed your confidence, independence and ability to handle crowds with such aplomb.

All the best, bye, Indrani.

Thank you Indrani for such glowing remarks of myself!

Kinetic Gal has been busy but, I’ll be posting some photos of the recent parties (and a Dance and Dinner function) that I was at recently in just a bit!


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