More Exciting Things to Come from Kinetic Gal!

As mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve got quite a few new exciting things coming up!

Expect more from this little Singapore Birthday Party blog of mine as Kinetic Gal brings you more than just experiences from party action but more and more! For the busy parents, check back on this blog for I’ll be bringing more reviews on things connected to the kiddy world. Movies, cartoons, TV programs and more… Keep in touch with what the kids are watching, doing and what they want. 🙂

Also expect more from the website as I bring you the upgrade to a niftier and funkier website! At the same time, party packages and shows will be changing as Kinetic Gal brings you newer and better things to come – as for what exactly they are, stay tuned! All will be released at the right time.

Check back soon! 😉


Kinetic Gal

PS. In order to bring the best to each and every singular party, from August onwards, Kinetic Gal will only be hosting selected parties, so do call and contact us early to enquire about our availability!


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