Duncan Juggling Clubs – Review

Just a few weeks ago, I saw a set of juggling clubs at a shop and liking the design (very gal thing i know), i bought the clubs at a whim.

The clubs did look super cool with the red fiery design on the white background, but it was not until several days later when i started throwing the clubs around.

First and foremost, Duncan is well-known for yoyos. For those who know, Kinetic Gal used to do yo-yos in my show too, and Duncan was the brand. I use Duncan Metal Zero (HOT pink :)). Duncan had excellant standards for their yo-yos, so i expected nothing less of the juggling equipment as well.


The juggling clubs did live up to my expectations. 🙂 For beginner clubs they were excellent –  you could technically throw the clubs around and they would not get dented at all. The balance was pretty good too – the club length was sufficient for beginners and good for throw spin.

It does help the clubs are really cool! Unlike Passe passe beginner clubs which are red blue and green (very basic and kind of tacky RGB colour), the clubs are white and with fiery red designs or yellow with black fiery designs. Awesome!

Now on to the ‘less’ good…


The clubs are heavy! Surprisingly so! If these clubs are being handled  by young kids, I’d highly doubt that the kids would be able to handle them. If the kids are above 8, perhaps that would be possible.

While the balance was good, the weight did make the spin a little different from usual juggling clubs.

Besides that, the juggling clubs make a lot of noise (even compared to Passe Passe clubs) but in the beginning of learning of juggling, that’s to be expected. 🙂


If you have just began juggling – i’d advise you of course, to start with the juggling silks and balls. Once you have mastered that, at least to a certain degree, you can begin on the juggling clubs!

The juggling club set also includes a DVD which teaches juggling – i’ll do a short review on the DVD shortly after!

Till the next post,


Kinetic Gal


One thought on “Duncan Juggling Clubs – Review

  1. I love the fact that these days you can pick up a set of clubs in a high street toy shop. When I began juggling (Dim settle back in his armchair by the fire and takes a puff on his pipe) back in those ancient days, there were only three suppliers of juggling equipment in the UK. I had to order all of my kit from a catalogue that didn’t even have pictures in. This was before there was internet all over everything. I bought a set of Spotlight One piece clubs for six pounds each (plus postage) and when they arrived they were a beautiful pearly white and so smooth it seemed a crime to drop them. Before long I had the handles taped, bought rubber caps and a second set for passing. Things of beauty, they were.

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