Disney Pixar’s UP in theatres, 7th August 2009!

Disney Pixar’s UP is coming into theatres in Singapore on the 7th of August – perfect timing for the national day and national day holiday (10th of August: holiday in lieu)!

The story is about the adventure of an old retired salesman who fulfills his dream when he ties balloons to his house and floats to the wilds of South America to go on his dream adventure; unbeknown to him however, his ‘nightmare’ in the form of the 8 year old boy (a wilderness explorer scout) accidentally follows him. What happen thereafter is, of course comedy and adventure all together!

Well… we all know that unlikely duos make the funniest comedic moments many a times, what more this unlikely pair of a grumpy old man and an overly optimistic 8 year old boy! The movie is also about following your dreams and making dreams come true – to live your dreams and not give up.

Having watched the trailer in the movies just a while back, Kinetic Gal is personally very excited about this show! šŸ™‚ Disney Pixar is known for the excellent releases that include, just a while back, Wall.E (lovely!) and back some more, Ratatouille and more. High expectations for this film is therefore, not unexpected.

Thus far, reviews coming in have been fantastic (http://movies.about.com/od/up/fr/up-review.htm) , so I’m really really looking forward to the show. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Kinetic Gal has got soo many shows this national day holidays that an outing to the movies seem impossible. BUT! We’ll see how it goes! In the meantime, I think you can be expected to have a good ride in the theatres for this moview – bring your children out and have fun at the theatres!

The movie is available in 3D at selected theatres too.

More on the movie here: http://www.dreamup.com.sg/

(pictures from http://www.dreamup.com.sg/)


Kinetic Gal


One thought on “Disney Pixar’s UP in theatres, 7th August 2009!

  1. I’ve also seen the trailer for this movie and am looking forward to seeing it. This type of movie is so refreshing and whatever your age you can always take something good away from a movie with a positive message.

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