Beautiful cupcakes and muffins for Birthday Parties!

Well! If anyone who has read my blog and seen the photos of Deon’s 6th birthday in my last entry and wondered why in Singapore to get the beautiful cake for birthday parties… i now have an answer for you! But before that, you might be pondering if cupcakes are a good idea for birthday parties and… I’d say, absolutely yes!

If you recall, Kinetic Gal has long time ago recommended cupcakes in place of normal cakes for birthday parties.

Reason 1:

It’s beautiful! Yea that’s right – cupcake tiers can be very beautifully decorated and they can look really awesome.

Reason 2:

Less mess! It’s always messy when doing the cake cutting, and i have seen too many where mummies are trying to handle the children and trying to handle the cake cutting too.

Reason 3:

They are great for party giveaways. For some parties which do not have party bags, consider having the kids bring back a cupcake each. They look good and it’s great the kids get something to bring back for mummy to try too.

And now finally, the answer to the question: where to get the cupcakes? The particular one for Deon was from: Yummyumkins ( I’ve had a look at their cup cake design and tier design and i must say again, the  cake tiers really look very awesome – i thought they look like centrepieces. 🙂

Check out some of their past beautiful cake tiers that they have created before!

All images copyright of Yummyumkins.

I guess you could say that Kinetic Gal is very taken with their cake tiers! 😛 Highly recommended cupcake shop for birthday parties! If you’re looking for new ideas for cake, maybe you’d like to check out !


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