Kinetic Gal’s Magic Wand Collection!!

For reasons unknown to Kinetic Gal myself, i have always had a huge penchant for magic wands. Perhaps it was the special significance of how magic is attached to wand. Perhaps it is just the fact the wands seem to be the magical stick that make things happen, and that it was the thing that one gets after being inducted into the magic community. Whatever it was, from the time i’ve started, i’ve collected a few wands along the way.

These are no collectable wands, but wands that i use in my everyday show (save for the last one) and they are all my precious! They take turns to be in my show and some of them have been retired in honour. =p Check out the collection of wands i use!

Wands Galore:


  • Topsy Popsy Wand – A favorite HIT with the children! Pop goes the wand! (not the weasel!) It’s BIG compared to the usual wands…
    • Breakaway Wand – Another staple that is in many entertainer’s show! It’s my first funny wand, and still remains one of the top choice for everyone!


    • Silly wands – The newer wands that i have. Kids absolutely love the wand as it extends from a puny wand to a long and wriggly one! Also forms funny shapes that kids find absolutely hilarious!
    • Flipper Tipple Wand – A relatively newer wand that few people use! It’s quite hilarious to see the kids trying to point out to me what’s happening to the wand!
    • Spring wand – My ABSOLUTE favourite (and the kids’ as well!)! The wand does not break apart but wobbles! 😉

    Peppermint Nesting wands – One of the first few wands that i had in my show again, it used to be a staple in my silks routine but has retired in glory… 😛


      • Inflatable wands – Balloon wand that stays inflated for a long long time! It’s huge! And kids tend to ‘accidentally’ hit me with the wand!


      • A ‘normal’ magic wand that i got from IBM, Ring 115 (that’s International Brotherhood of Magicians for you) and it is something that you get only after you are conducted into the Ring. Hence quite a special one for me 🙂

      That’s quite a number of wands, don’t you agree?




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