Newly Updated Mighty Magic Factory Website!

Yay!! Remember I’ve hinted since the last few weeks about a new change and update coming up? Well, it finally is up! The newly updated Mighty Magic Factory website has just went live!


Check out the funky colours, layout and the newly updated information on my new website. I absolutely love it! Thanks to our designer for the great job on my fabulously funky website. 😀

Even while the website has been revamped, there are new changes to be expected… What else is coming up?

A little hint:


And there are more… all to be revealed all at the right time!

As the Chinese saying goes: 学习如逆水行舟,不进则退。 That is applicable not just to studies or learning, but to things that we do as well. Rest assured we’ll continue updating and upgrading to serve YOU better. *grin*

Check out the newly revamped Mighty Magic Factory website right here: and lemme know what YOU think!


Kinetic Gal


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